What are the Family Constellations?

The workshop is a group of souls agreeing for their mind and body to be present in a sacred circle.


The aim is the deep understanding of where is the origin of our issues, linked to the events that happened in the life of your ancestors and that were left unsolved, and how it affects us nowadays.

We inherited these situations due to subconscious loyalties that we preserve in order to belong to our clan. We repeat what happened before, because when it happened, it didn't get solved, and it passed to the next generation until somebody conscious is willing to heal it according to the "Orders of Love".


A whole Constellation of Souls releases a burden

Bringing these loyalties to the light with consciousness and understanding their purpose, grants us the freedom of choice. We won't repeat the destiny of our ancestors anymore, since we learn how to honor them in a different and loving way. So the baggage is not passed to the future generations, but solved once and for all.


So the benefit of finding a loving solution goes not only to the person that came to solve the issue, but also to the souls that have been represented, and ALSO to the people in the group that kindly agreed to represent them. Because it often happens that we represent somebody that we also want to repair our relationship with. It is resonance that brought us there. 


What can we heal with a Family Constellation?

- Our relationships (traumatic separations, abandonment, divorce, omissions, neglects, rejection)
- Our profession or our mission in life

- Financial problems

- Illnesses (any kind of sickness, infertility, addictions, depression)

- Energy level and mental state

- Weight or eating disorders

- Loss of our beloved ones (abortions, fatal accidents, premature deaths)

- Violence in or outside of the family system (wars, homicides, suicides, etc.)

- The inverted order of hierarchies within the family ("I'm the mother of mother"), educational (schools) or company system.

- Our pets

- Changes in life: of home, of work, of partner... 


Connecting with the information

A Family Constellation is a group process that we call a “learning group” where a circle is formed and in the middle there is a space called “The Field”. Participants in that space are chosen to represent the people of the consultant’s family and clan, but in these representations, unlike theatre performances, there are no gestures or mime. What determines the movements or expressions of each one are the feelings and the place that each representative occupies in that family system, in the Field. The paradox is that by representing or only observing what happens within the constellation of another consultant, you may gain insight on your own issues.


Those who come to seek advice about a traumatic event in their lives (and almost everyone has one) generally lack, in thought and behavior, a force that allows them to flourish, as there is something that blocks or stops them. The unblocking consists on separating the consultant from the traumatic event and to reconnect him in a different way with his own resources. 


The representatives

Everybody, no exception, with honest heart and pure intention, begins to feel different when they represent another Soul. And from their new physical sensations, emotions and thoughts the topic gets developed, and this way we can read the hidden dynamics among the participants. Finding loving and forgiving ways to communicate among the representatives can lead to release the non-spoken emotions that can help to understand the other person, to recover the proper place in the hierarchy, to recuperate the balance between giving and taking, to respect and be respected, to honor and be honored, to forgive and to love. 


This is the aim of the Family Constellations: to be able to forgive and love what or whom you are having conflicts with in a collective and deep level. And this medicine is applied to all the participants in the event, since we all resound in that moment with the same song.  


Individual sessions

It is possible to constellate in an individual session, where the consultant is the one representing the roles needed, so the process is specially empathic and healing, getting all the information directly through his own experience and connection to his clan.

For appointments: cellphone Diana 058 580 8089 and


The investment

Participate constellating their own issue: 300 nis (in Israel).

For inscriptions until 2 weeks before the event, there will be a discount: 270 nis.

Participate without constellating their issue: 75 nis


There will be only around 5 vacancies per session, depending on how the Constellations develop we'll be able to do more or less, and therefore they will be held in order of inscription. 

You can reserve in advance in the Paypal button below.


Where and When

This workshops will be held on Thursdays in:


Ohel Sarah, in Rehov Shahaf, 25 - Pardes Hanna, from 16:30 to 22:00.

Next dates are: 2.10.14 and 23.10.14.

Contact and inscriptions: Sarah 052 242 4022 or me Diana 058 580 8089. Or write me to


And in the Urban Ashram in Tel Aviv, on the following dates:


October, 9th and 30th

November, 13th and 27th

December 11th and 18th


January 1st and 15th


Urban Ashram: Rehov Lamed Hey, (in front of number 23) - In the Miklad inside the Garden HaBanim,  Givatayim - Tel Aviv - Israel

Contact and inscriptions: Diana 058 580 8089




Since my Hebrew is still not very fluid, I will be guiding the workshops in English and there will be Hebrew translation.


To reserve your place in the workshop, you can use your credit card or Paypal account in the next button or to send a money transfer to the account that I will send you after filling up the following formular.

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