About Diana

Officially Diana Árbol is graduated on Translation and Interpreting from German and English into Spanish and Catalan in Barcelona, Spain, since 2000.


After not feeling fulfilled trying to “fit in” in the society, took an adventurous step into the NGO’s, looking for “saving the World” and to be the “New Mother Teresa” and travelled to Thailand and India. There she also realized that she didn’t know what she could offer, feeling a second personal crisis, because she didn’t know who she was or what she came to do in this life.


There it began her research into the “roots of the meaning of life”. With this search in mind she learned to be a Reiki teacher in India in 2004, and since she has been learning different tools that help her to understand our purpose in life from a holistic point of view.


Back in Barcelona she trained in Okuna Reiki, Regressive Therapy, Classic Numerological Feng Shui (9 flying stars), she was a collaborator of El Condor Blanco, in the trainings 1 and 2 of Free Mind. Also studied EFT / Tapping, Metamorphic Technic, cristaltherapy, Vipassana Meditation and Holosíntesis.


She is a channeler of the Akashic Records (The Book of the Soul) and she is also a teacher of her method.

In the past 5 years she learned the biological and emotional purpose and the meaning of the sicknesses studying Emobiola and Biodecodification/ Bioneuroemotion with Enric Corbera, Metagenealogy from Alejandro Jodorowsky and Family Constellations in the Espai Lúdic Academy, in Barcelona, with Jose Antonio Vidal and Carme Tuset. He is the co-founder of the new Integrative Family Constellations, which Diana is going to bring and teach in Israel next 2015.


Diana Árbol applies her own method, called the Árbol (Tree) Method which comprehends to search the roots of our blockages and issues in our family tree and in our Book of Life and to heal them through a very special way to apply the Family Constellations. Full of love, compassion and forgiveness. For the benefit of all.