The proper moment has arrived


When we moved to Israel, two years ago, I knew it had a bigger purpose than anything I could imagine in the moment. I was pregnant and we had to renew our house. Many other things needed to be arrange before my mission could take place.


Now it seems that the time has arrived.

All this summer, this war that Israel had with the neighbors made me meditate a lot about this mission. I wanted so much to help the situation, “I have the tools!”, I told myself. But it wasn’t the proper moment.


New beginnings for conscious solutions

Now the summer is finishing and the New Year is beginning, not only in the Jewish calendar, we all live it because children and adults go back to their schools and jobs after vacations. And I’ve noticed around me that many of us are beginning a new cycle, the circumstances around us ask us to change for the better, for the bigger, for the shinier.


That’s where I am. I see so many processes, blockages, issues, that would get the answer or solution just by constellating, just by letting the soul show us what the right way is. That is what the Family Constellation (FC) is about: letting our Spirit to guide the process to understanding, consciousness, forgiveness, peace and love.

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